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Tarass. Tarass is a very lively, alert, easily amused, attentive, sensitive, kind and cuddly being. It's very often chaos and uproar when he's up and running, but it's never a dull moment when he's around! I have to say though, after he turned four yrears old he matured very nicely. It was like somebody gave him a pill containing common sense. ;) But outdoors, he is still one fast canon-ball and has no limits at all. It's amazing to see his abilities to climb, jump, run around - and all this with no fear or hesitation.

Tarass is very social and loves attention, he can be quite demanding trying to get it - almost too intense sometimes. :P He's got no clue about his own size, but comes grunting and mumbling (yes, he talks a lot) trying to fit in peoples arms and knees if they have a seat on a chair or the sofa. :) He is just as cuddly towards our cats as he is towards people, they always get greeted as soon as they come inside after being outdoors, he smells them and lick them all over. ;)

Tarass loves - l o v e s - to get pampered and always comes running when I start taking out the combs, brushes and the claw-clipper. It's sometimes negative to have such a needy dog, it's way too easy for him to take all focus from Ghetto... Tarass simply has had to learn to respect others quality-time, but to this day he still needs reminders. He's such a sweetheart...

One of Tarass' characteristics is that he never seem to be walking. Somehow, even though he is - in fact - walking, he gives the impression of running. I believe his philosophy is: "Think with your paws!" ;)

Tarass does not have so many merits when it comes to working (working trial, obedience, agility, etc) but the title SVCH means that he is champion of tracking down injured wild animals. This is an appreciated sport in sweden, where dogs are supposed to hunt down wild animals that has been shot but did not die, or of they have been hit by a car.
Tarass has one 1st prize in obedience class I, and is also approved in beginner's class tracking. He has a remarkable nose and is very talented in the forest, weither we are doing tracking or searching.
We train every now and then but are not very focused upon compeeting at this moment, which is because of me lacking motivation. But he is always up for everything, and wants to work, and work, and work. And play. A lot. ;)

He passed the exterior assessment without problems, which means that he is a typical BSD Tervueren. He's not a Best In Show Winner I think, but he has gotten very good reviews from qualified judges. I'm sure he could get the Swedish Show Champion title though, but to be able to achieve that; a BSD has to have some specific working-trial qualifications... and since we have not gotten thiose yet, I'm not very interested in going to shows... But maybe sometime in the future! :D