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This is Ghetto! Ghetto is my beloved little furrball. He is a Dutch medium sized shepherd, the breed is called Nederlandse Schapendoes. He is my little sweetheart, a very pronounced "moma's dog". Where I go - he wants to go too!

Ghetto is the first dog that I bought for my own money, and together we have found out how much you can get out of each other's company - canine and human, and what kind of fun activities there is to do! :)

He is an independent and stubborn dog, but loves to work and to take long walks - preferably where lots of dogs has passed before us so he can investigate their odours. Ghetto is almost invisible indoors, calm and content. He loves to be pampered, cuddle, massage and stretching... but when it comes to combing and claw-clipping, he disappears fast as a whirlwind as soon as I think the word "comb". :)
Because of his stubborn and independent personality, it was A LOT of times that I tore my hair out of desperation when we were out walking and training every-day-obedience. But I never gave up, and he was always such a happy and joyful dog. I once saw an elder man waling with his Airedaleterrier off the leash on the streets, and I thought to myself "That's how I want it!" So, I always kept Ghetto off the leash and frequently trained commands like "Stay", "Come", "Heal", "To the side (of the road)". By two years of age, he was a very obedient and attentive dog who I trusted in all situations. He has always been neutral with other dogs, and is very patient with youngsters. Ha ha, but I sadly must say - that with age comes disobedience. ;) You know how old dogs seem to think they have every right to ignore your commands if something more interesting comes along? Well, that's what Ghetto does if there is a lovely canine female in heat somewhere around our neighbourhood. He knows exactly when he's got a chance to alope, and runs to show the female his appreciation. :D But he is still my good boy. :)
Up to the age four or five, we lived in a village. In this village, there is a lake located with a lovely and popular excercise track around it - the track is about 8 kilometres long. We used to walk around the lake every day, and we met plenty of dogs, horses and people in different paces. Ghetto got plenty of enviromental training, and his social skills was lovely since we spent so much time with other dogowners taking a walk around the lake.
In recent years, he is very picky when choosing his friends. He does not like male dogs that are too mischievous and / or cocky, then he shows them how to behave with a growl of autority. But he is OK with all dogs that shows him respect and does not challenge him, he does not show other dogs very much attention at all. The males, which, however, he takes a liking to - they become his best friend's through life and he enjoys playing with them.

Ghetto has competed in obedience and agility over the years, with various success. He is in the highest class of agility- and jumpingclass, but nowadays we only do this sport for fun and without too much physical challenge. He is, after all, born in 1998 and I don't want to run the risk of him getting injured. But obedience is still a favorite for us, and we train a little now and then. It's not impossible that we show up in competition again soon, we will try to get a first price in obedience class III aswell - maybe even make a debut in eliteclass? ;) It all depends if I can get my act together and be serious and ambitious. :P
We've also done some tracking over the years, and he enjoys tracking down eatable delicacys. I've never tried to get him to track down objects... Though, he is an excellent retriever.

The reason why I cut his coat, is because he is a happier dog without his long and way too soft coat. A lot of the Schapendoes charm is in the appearance, but I think he appears quite charming without the long coat. ;) He still looks like a Schapendoes in my opinion...

Eleanor, Kennel El-Jo-Mis, came up with the brilliant idea that my Tervueren Tarass should have a name with a connection to ghetto's name... That's why Tarass pedigree name is "In The Ghetto". Tarass isn't the only living creature who is named after my Ghetto, there is a trotting horse here in Sweden called Ghetto's Miracle, bred by my friend Madelene and her family. This horse has done pretty well, and who knows what the future will bring to them?

Ghetto's Miracle with owner and trainer Gunnar Olofsson, autumn 2007.