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Dyra. Well, finally a little Tervueren-female moved in with me and the boys! Little Dyra was born in Germany on June 11th, 2010. The wonderful breeders are Regine and Andreas in Mörlach. For many years I have had contact with Irena who bred Dyras father, and when this male was planned to be used in breeding, I could not help myself... I've met siblings and half siblings of Dyras father and grandparents - all are dogs that I like a lot, I could probably even claim that they are some of my favorite Tervuerens in the whole wide wooorld. ;)

When I received the reports of praise from those who traveled to visit the puppies, I found it worth to fly down to Germany to see if I liked what I saw too. The journey to Mörlach began on August 24th, first we drove by car to the airport in Stockholm and then flight to Munich, which was followed by two hours in a rental car. The first puppy to greet me when we stepped inside the home of Regine and Andreas was - Dyra! I was not disappointed! :) Regine and Andreas are wonderful people who live for their dogs and dog training, they are both active in practising IPO. Dyras mother, Tegine, gave an incredibly nice and cozy impression; she was balanced, lively, friendly - and also kind and harmonious with the puppies. The three remaining pups (one sister to Dyra will be Regine's next star) was alert and happy and came rushing towards us ... Little Dyra did a "Ghetto": she chose us! Dyra was up for a cuddle time after time, as soon as we scratched her the slightest - she fell to the floor like a little piece of dough... I. Could. Not. Resist. ;) Little Dyra crawled right into my heart, and I'm totally in love with this dog!

So, it was decided before the eyelids shut for sleep on Tuesday, that Dyra would follow me home! We began the long journey, and Dyra was a good girl all the way. A little concerned during the first moment in the car, but then she fell asleep. At the airport in Munich, she charmed all those people that she promptly wanted to greet - or who promptly wanted to greet her. She was worried the first fifteen minutes in the small closed cage, but eventually she fell asleep in it and slept the whole flight - but once we landed, her patience ended abruptly and she wanted ooouuut. I ran quick as a wink to the Customs Service who was very nice and stamped the papers to let us pass, it was a piece of very happy puppy who got to sit and pee on the grass outside Terminal 5 at Arlanda! :D As if that was not enough, we had still many remaining hours by car - which turned out to be completely carefree. She laid down calmly by our feet when we stopped to eat. Then she slept constantly all the way from Hudiksvall and home to Idbyn! :) The strain for Dyra probably was heaped in the middle of the night on Thursday, when she followed me to the front door, very sleepy. Curious, she came toddling to go through the door but was probably very shocked to meet a Ghetto in the door - just like Tarass eight years ago - Dyra did not quite understand that it was another dog. She sat between my knees for a while and then it all was well, she realized almost immediately that Uncle Ghetto is a friendly soul. :) Tarass greeted her in such a lovely way, and none of Tarass or Dyra looked surprised... except that Dyra looked mildly surprised when she looked under his stomach to get a night-sip of milk. ;)

So far Dyra has been with me for a couple of months, and we have all melted like butter ... except of course the cats who think she is a remarkable little gadget. :D Dyra have travelled by car, followed us to feed steers, visited the sheep, greeted people, experienced city walks, visited various homes of friends and also stayed with friends during the days I work - all with no problems. She is a very nice dog, balanced and confident. social and outgoing. "If that human stands at the head of a great bull and calls for me, then everything is OK. I'll run check it out!" :)

Well, time will tell what becomes of Dyra - but very much beloved she is already. I am very happy to have her in my pack! Many thanks to Regine for letting me buy her! :)