You know how when you’re in a car and it’s pouring down rain, you go under a bridge and everything stops. Everything goes silent and it’s like you’re in a vacuum of tranquility. Then you finally get from under the bridge, and everything hits you a little harder than before?    Some people are bridges. […]

Grief Is The Price We Pay

It washes over you like the waves of the raging sea, drowning you, smashing down on your face everytime you try to come up for air. Holding your heart hostage in it’s iron fist, squeezing it until you think it will never beat again.    It’s funny like that.    You can be just fine […]

She Gets Me

My dog gets me. This is our current mood.    Woke up at noon, and it’s raining and it’s gray and dull outside, and all my energy I was hoping for today didn’t quite wake up with me. I’m starting the day off under a blanket with a hot cup of coffee, watching Sherlock on […]

Rock. Steady.

Rock. Steady.    If we’re lucky we never have just one relationship with our partners. We’re constantly redefining our love. If we’re growing, it means our relationships should be as well. Changing form. Transforming needs. Exploring. Building. Some months we might be the person who loves the most, and other months or years, our partners […]


”Turn your face towards the sun Let the shadows fall behind you…”     Pottery class tonight. I’m not feeling well, physically nor mentally, so I was just there and sat on a chair and watched everyone else be creative. I did bring clay with me home though, so I did get into it after […]

My Little Cat, A Heartbeat On My Lap

    Had a rough couple of days at work. 12 hour day shifts at the factory, and it’s ”stop week”, which means the whole factory shuts down for a little over a week for repairments, improvements and what not.     Been days of working out on the floor getting everything emptied and safe […]

Taking A Break

I just deactivated both Twitter and Instagram. I’m going to take a break for a while. I need to distance myself from certain things and people, and just recharge my batteries and focus on life here and now. I’ll keep going with the blog though… that’s like talking to myself, and it’s not cluttered with […]