Rock. Steady.

Rock. Steady.


If we’re lucky we never have just one relationship with our partners. We’re constantly redefining our love. If we’re growing, it means our relationships should be as well. Changing form. Transforming needs. Exploring. Building.

Some months we might be the person who loves the most, and other months or years, our partners might be loving us back to life. And then from time to time we are in sync. Attuned. Cementing a block in place and rejoicing in why it is we have chosen eachother.


I’m going to the D’Angelo show in Copenhagen on March 17th next year. Yay! Damn near peed my pants. Him and hims music has a very special place in my heart. The soundwave tattoo on me arm is even from one of his songs.  

Note to self: renew passport.

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